Emerald City Comicon!

Pssst, dear followers! I’m sincerely sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I have some responses recorded for you, and they will be up the moment things aren’t so crazy over here.

However, if you happen to be going to ECCC this weekend, you might run into me! I’ll be there on Sunday sporting my regular little tee and skirt combo, so if you recognize me, please say hello! I would love to meet my subjects in person :B.

(I will also be there on Friday and Saturday, but in disguise! Hoo hoo hoo!)


Jane is this your moustache?



iiiiiiis it?? :B

Naww, I’ve got all my mustaches right here!

Wait a moment… H-HEY!!

Do you need a strong, dashing protector?

Sure thing, dear! I don’t mind having an extra protector. :B

However—uh—let me just get this for you…

Before you can officially be my protector, I’m going to have to ask you to fill out the mandatory bodyguard paperwork. Hope that won’t be too much trouble…

Bacon Brownies!

Oh no, perish the though! That combination sounds simply atrocious!

Then again, pairing the salty, buttery flavors with the sugar and cocoa may not be so horrible as long as the combination remained subtle… And the marriage of textures; the soft, fudge like consistency of the brownie speckled with the crisp bits of bacon…

Well now you piqued my curiosity, I may have to revisit this!


Well, you are just as cute as a button! Sure, we can make a fluffy wittle contract with your little bitty face. <3

So… uh… what exactly did I agree to?

Get out, Gary!

Gary, just because we’re both filthy rich heirs doesn’t mean I associate with stuck up nuisances like you! Watch your back Mr. Oak. I WILL become a Pokemon master before you do.

Romance between you and Roxy?

"Romantic feelings?" Between Miss Lalonde and I? Oh don’t be preposterous, there’s no way that could be true!

… then again, I haven’t really thought about it… and Roxy’s always been pretty hard to read…

Oh balderdash, she’s made it very clear she’s vying for the boys’ attention! No argument there!

Then again, I’ve been proven wrong on that subject before…

No no no, why am I even entertaining the idea? This question is ridiculous, and so are you, Anon!

What are white-chocolate brownies?

Don’t let him get you down!

GG: Thank you for the concern, Mr. Anon, but I opened up this frosting and I fully intend to finish what I started!

GG: Actually… I don’t think I like this flavor anymore.

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